Clients have consented to share their experiences and feedback.
  • Zhang, 29

    "I was having a hard time being vulnerable in my relationships. Coach Tatoya is down to earth and direct. I like that she didn’t sugarcoat and held me accountable for my actions.
    After my sessions, I felt empowered to make the necessary changes. I am also excited to keep learning more about myself. I think Coach Tatoya is a great coach because she really took the time to understand me as a person (I consider myself a unique individual…). She went above
    and beyond to help me reach my goals and get to a better place."

  • Female, 33

    "My partner and I were struggling with understanding and addressing each other’s desires, needs, and wants, resulting in an inability to connect on a deeper level and a lack of physical intimacy. During our assessment, Coach Tatoya immediately pinpointed that the bulk of our relationship problems stemmed from communication issues. As a follow-up, she gave us a direct plan of action. She started by clearly outlining areas in our relationship needing improvement. From there, though each problem area was complex, she broke our issues down into more manageable pieces as a starting point for us to begin working together to find a solution, and develop short and long-term goals. She also provided us with several reading materials and guided activities that allowed us to navigate the process in between sessions. Overall, Coach Tatoya was personable and displayed a genuine interest and concern. She encouraged my partner and me to talk freely, allowing us ample time to individually share our concerns while also allowing time for us to respond to one another and/or share feedback. I felt that the process was extremely collaborative and she gave us hope that we could tackle our relationship issues. Coach Tatoya was extremely compassionate, non-judgmental, and practical. She is excellent at her work, helpful in terms of her approach, and truly created a space where I felt heard and made me feel hopeful about solving our issues."

  • Wilson, 42

    "My partner and I weren't communicating and were unable to be transparent and honest with each other. Our goal was to learn how to express what we were each feeling. Tatoya is reliable and very professional; she didn’t take sides but helped me and my partner negotiate a plan that we were both happy with. As a result of our work, we have established boundaries and have been able to have more productive conversations instead of heated fights. I would recommend relationship coaching to any couple who needs someone to
    help mediate conversations, so both people can get their points across."

  • Evans, 37

    " I truly enjoyed every aspect of our work together including Coach Tatoya's personality, honesty, professionalism and dedication throughout the process. I felt seen and understood, which means the world to me. I have began to enforce personal boundaries and am a better at detecting red flags. Life saver."

  • Female, 38

    "In my six year relationship I started experiencing a lot of different emotions. I felt my boyfriend and I were at a cross road. I was overwhelmed with feelings that were hard for even me to understand but I knew we needed help. After talking to my partner we decided to seek someone with the expertise in relationship coaching. Tatoya was very open, non-judgmental, professional and easy to talk to. She made us feel very comfortable to express ourselves. She also gave us weekly assignments that actually made me look at myself and my relationship differently (giving me the clarity I was seeking). The assignments also  shed a positive light into our relationship. She was able to pull  things out of us that we never thought of. I'm very satisfied with Coach Tatoya and would recommend her to anyone having relationship issues."

  • Parks, 26

    "I struggle with my lack of confidence and was concerned about women losing interest in me. I would describe Coach Tatoya as patient and direct, yet supportive. I never felt ashamed even when talking about silly mistakes I’ve made in the past. Throughout my sessions, I began to feel more confident and excited about finding love again. I really benefitted from learning more red flags and how to avoid getting trapped in unhealthy toxic relationships. I have no suggestions, but I’d like to have follow-ups to make sure I’m keeping on the right track."