My Story

At an early age, I discovered my passion for motivating and helping others find their purpose in life. During undergrad, I gained valuable experience serving as a counselor to both women and children at various non-profit organizations and youth programs. I earned bachelor’s degrees in Sociology and Criminal Justice from Rutgers University and a Master of Education in Counseling from Angelo State University. Now, with Steve and JoAnn Ward of VH1’s hit TV show “Tough Love” as my mentors, I’ve been able to help transform the lives of clients in search of love at one of the highest-rated matchmaking companies in the country, Master Matchmakers.

I believe that the only way to reach true happiness and success is through the process of self-evaluation and introspection. The more we understand ourselves, the better chance we have at attracting the right partner. I enjoy facilitating self-help groups and aim to support people in establishing and maintaining healthy relationships.

I grew up in New Jersey and I will always be a Jersey girl at heart, but I currently reside in and serve the greater Atlanta, Georgia area where I co-host networking events dedicated to women and men who want to improve their love life and develop lasting relationships. As a certified relationship workshop facilitator, I look forward to assisting clients through dating and relationship challenges and supporting them through their journey to true love. 

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My Philosophy & Process

My approach to transformation is ongoing self-reflection. I am certain there's a direct correlation between cognition and behavioral patterns. Since working with both inexperienced and seasoned clients, I wholeheartedly believe that if we change the way we think we can put an end to any unhelpful behaviors that hinder us from developing healthy relationships. 

Although I speak a lot from experience, I do not assume any two clients are the same despite any similarities. I take unique details into account when creating a coaching plan. My clients receive continued support as I give them practical tools to overcome challenges and achieve an enlightened relationship. 

My coaching is intended to evoke change and motivate clients to take control. I counsel clients by helping them peel back layers and focus on healing whatever is holding them back. I am not a therapist or psychologist; therefore, I do not diagnose or provide mental health treatment. The services I provide are goal-oriented and not healthcare-related. My work consists of identifying present obstacles, setting realistic goals, and holding clients accountable as they work toward the desired outcome. 

Disclaimer: Our work together does not guarantee that your current relationship will work or that you will find a mate within a projected time. My objective is not to keep couples together, but to help individuals to develop and acquire skills to maintain a healthy relationship with the right person (whether you have already found them or not).