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April 18, 2017

4 Reasons I Choose Baby Led Weaning Over Spoonfeeding

“Woah! Your baby already knows how to use chopsticks?!”

“How do you train your baby to feed themselves?”

I always got asked when I was eating outside with my babies especially when they were so young like 1 and a half year old.

But I always answered the same, “I didn’t train them at all. I just follow Baby-Led-Weaning. I put the food in front of them, and they will feed themselves.”

In contrast, people don’t see the messiness that I have been through by letting my babies to feed themselves once they started solid food (around 6 months old).

Even though it is not an easy choice for moms especially moms who can’t stand mess, the results that we get is so much more satisfying when you see the floor under table is getting cleaner and cleaner after each meal.

Reason 1: Proactive Child

By letting the child to feed themselves, meaning they need to use their hands to pick up the food and put into their mouth. For a young baby to do this, it takes a very big willingness to move their hands in order to feed their tummy.

Babies learn that they need to do something if they want to fill their stomach. Besides, it gives more fun for the babies as they get to choose and taste every single food on the plate. Especially when they are new to food, they touch, hold and taste.

Reason 2: Hands-Eyes Coordination

For an adult, it may seem easy to just pick up food and put it into our mouth. However, for a baby, his muscles are still developing. Hence, it is a huge exercise for them to pick up the food using their little tiny fingers and able to hold and put it into their mouth.

Baby Led Weaning allows this exercise happen three times a day, babies know how to use their fingers and control the hand muscles. You can try to feed them food in smaller size like green peas, blueberries for them to practise to use their tiny fingers to grasp. By doing this, their finger skills are going to improve as well as hands-eyes coordination.

Reason 3: Not Picky On Food

This is the biggest reason why I let them feed themselves. From the beginning of starting baby led weaning, I prepared different kinds of vegetables and fruits for my baby. They included broccoli, carrot, avocado, green leaves vegetables, banana, apples, grapes, guava etc. All these provide different colors and textures for the baby to experiment.

My baby was very excited about the variety of the food. She would see what’s on the plate, then slowly used her hands to pick one or two and tried. She never seems to be picky on food and she loves vegetables so much that sometimes I couldn’t believe it was true!

Reason 4: Moms Can Eat At The Same Time

The final reason is for the moms! Yay! I can honestly tell you that you may not enjoy your food as you see how your baby eats. Yet, as time goes by, you will realize how independent your baby is when she is eating. She doesn’t need you to spoon feed her, or even better, eventually they will request to use spoon or fork by themselves! How amazing isn’t it?

Moms and dads can enjoy eating although sometimes they still have some requests. But overall, it is beneficial for both baby and parents.

In conclusion, whether you want to spoon feed your baby or let them eat by themselves, you are still the best mom to your baby. You have the choice on how to parent your kids and believe in your instinct to tell you what to do.

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February 21, 2017

First Close Experience with Elephants @National Elephant Conservation Centre, Kuala Gandah

It was a random decision to go out for a trip on a public holiday – Thaipusam Day.  We were thinking to go somewhere really near our house just in case there was terrible jam outside. Coincidently we found out this place, named National Elephant Conservation Centre (Kuala Gandah). It takes around 1hour45mins from Kuala Lumpur to here.

As it is being taken care by our National Park Malaysia, no admission fees is needed. Activities available is bathing elephants, watching elephant migrating documentary, feeding elephants and also elephant show. We managed to see how elephants bath in the river very closely.

Experience learned for this trip is that children remember vividly what they experience in real life. Instead of showing them lotsa pictures or documentaries about elephants, let them see the real elephants really brings more excitement in their learning. Even me as a mother will never forget this trip and we will definitely come back for elephant bathing session.

The next day we drew elephants together on the floor and from her drawing I could see that elephant’s nose is most appealing to my daughter. I call this life experience learning. =)

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January 17, 2017

After I Stop Sending My Son to Nanny……

For those who have known me for some while, you know that I was a full time mom since I gave birth to my first baby girl. After 2 years and got my second baby, I became a working mom who was very ambitious about own career. I sent my first child to kindergarten and second baby to nanny so that I have time to focus on my work. My work-life was out of balance and my time with my kids was getting lesser.

After 9 months of Living a Working Mom Life,

I thought was normal for a working mom in this society, I grounded myself again and again and again.. Finally, I took a leap to stop sending my son (18months) to nanny although the nanny was the best nanny I would reckon and also decided to take care of my 2 kids by myself.


The first few days were super challenging as I was slowly getting back my own rhythm of going everywhere with two kids. But slowly I see the effects of getting the siblings together again..

My daughter, used to bully her younger brother very often whenever they met during the last 9 months, has become a very caring, loving sister to her younger brother. (Although sometimes still shouted, pinched or even pushed her brother, it has reduced A LOT)

My younger son, used to be quiet even being bullied, is now getting more and more expressive. This is the improvement that I saw from him and the MOST IMPORTANT effect is SIBLING’S BONDING has been improved tremendously!

Before this, both of them only met in the late evening like around 9pm then they slept and the next day sister would wake up very early to kindergarten so when younger brother woke up, sister was not around and then he would be sent to nanny’s place. That’s how less time they spent together.

NOW, they see each other everyday, play together, bathe together, wake up in the morning happily looking out for each other, sister feeding brother etc etc.. And tonight, the sister is holding the brother’s hand to sleep. All these little tiny things really melt my heart… I am glad that I have made this decision and so lucky to been supported by my beloved hubby.

Happiness is very simple when we choose to be simple. 😉

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