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February 21, 2017

First Close Experience with Elephants @National Elephant Conservation Centre, Kuala Gandah

It was a random decision to go out for a trip on a public holiday – Thaipusam Day.  We were thinking to go somewhere really near our house just in case there was terrible jam outside. Coincidently we found out this place, named National Elephant Conservation Centre (Kuala Gandah). It takes around 1hour45mins from Kuala Lumpur to here.

As it is being taken care by our National Park Malaysia, no admission fees is needed. Activities available is bathing elephants, watching elephant migrating documentary, feeding elephants and also elephant show. We managed to see how elephants bath in the river very closely.

Experience learned for this trip is that children remember vividly what they experience in real life. Instead of showing them lotsa pictures or documentaries about elephants, let them see the real elephants really brings more excitement in their learning. Even me as a mother will never forget this trip and we will definitely come back for elephant bathing session.

The next day we drew elephants together on the floor and from her drawing I could see that elephant’s nose is most appealing to my daughter. I call this life experience learning. =)


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