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January 17, 2017

After I Stop Sending My Son to Nanny……

For those who have known me for some while, you know that I was a full time mom since I gave birth to my first baby girl. After 2 years and got my second baby, I became a working mom who was very ambitious about own career. I sent my first child to kindergarten and second baby to nanny so that I have time to focus on my work. My work-life was out of balance and my time with my kids was getting lesser.

After 9 months of Living a Working Mom Life,

I thought was normal for a working mom in this society, I grounded myself again and again and again.. Finally, I took a leap to stop sending my son (18months) to nanny although the nanny was the best nanny I would reckon and also decided to take care of my 2 kids by myself.


The first few days were super challenging as I was slowly getting back my own rhythm of going everywhere with two kids. But slowly I see the effects of getting the siblings together again..

My daughter, used to bully her younger brother very often whenever they met during the last 9 months, has become a very caring, loving sister to her younger brother. (Although sometimes still shouted, pinched or even pushed her brother, it has reduced A LOT)

My younger son, used to be quiet even being bullied, is now getting more and more expressive. This is the improvement that I saw from him and the MOST IMPORTANT effect is SIBLING’S BONDING has been improved tremendously!

Before this, both of them only met in the late evening like around 9pm then they slept and the next day sister would wake up very early to kindergarten so when younger brother woke up, sister was not around and then he would be sent to nanny’s place. That’s how less time they spent together.

NOW, they see each other everyday, play together, bathe together, wake up in the morning happily looking out for each other, sister feeding brother etc etc.. And tonight, the sister is holding the brother’s hand to sleep. All these little tiny things really melt my heart… I am glad that I have made this decision and so lucky to been supported by my beloved hubby.

Happiness is very simple when we choose to be simple. 😉

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