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October 12, 2016

Hypnosis Helped me Reduce My Pain during Birth

Hypnosis Helped Me Reduce My Pain During Birth

May 2, 2014


*Baby Hermine (nicknamed Awesome)

Getting to Know HypnoBirthing

It all started when I got pregnant. Like many other women, I was afraid of the labor pain. One day, I tried searching on the internet for painless alternatives to give birth and eventually I found HypnoBirthing. It led me to Wai Han’s website, which provides loads of positive birth story. I was amazed and asked myself, “Why not give it a try?” I called Wai Han and she was really friendly. Because I was in Singapore, she recommended me to attend the course there. After I attended the course in Singapore, we were still in touch as I planned to give birth in KL. I was very glad to meet Wai Han as she gave me so much support and cleared all my doubts.

At first, I was planning to give birth in a hospital which provides water birth. However, after watching all the videos shown by Wai Han and talking to her, I was so encouraged and FINALLY decided to birth at home, in my room! It was because I feel more secured and relaxed and I don’t have to worry about unnecessary intervention if I give birth in a hospital.

After that, I was so excited and started to prepare for my birth. I read the HypnoBirthing book all over again for a few times and listened to the Rainbow Relaxation everyday and imagined the birth scene that I wanted. My husband was so supportive; he bought me a gym ball and prepared the room for better birthing environment.


One Week Before EDD…

We went for our check-up but the doctor was not very happy. He told us he couldn’t wait until EDD. He would like to induce if our baby, Awesome, is still not out by the next checkup. He wanted to do a fetal monitoring to ensure Awesome was healthy. I was in a labor room for that check for about 1 hour. Awesome’s heart rate was normal and no contractions shown, so I was released. I told my husband, “Luckily Awesome is doing a great job, else the doctor is going to induce!” I felt that I was healthy and Awesome was healthy. I shall wait for her to come, instead of forcing her.


15 Mar 2013, Friday

12am. I started to feel some mild surges when I was sleeping at night. I didn’t wake my husband up and I actually tried to neglect it and continued to sleep. I managed to sleep and after I woke up, I still felt the surges so I told my husband about it. He was so surprised that Awesome really listened to our wish – we planned to give birth on 16 or 17 Mar (weekends) when my husband would be at home with me. So we told Awesome to come out around that time.

I knew it would not be so soon. So I asked my husband to go out as usual but he insisted on staying home with me. Around 12pm, when I went to the toilet, I had very little birth show. However, surges were very irregular. I messaged Wai Han and told her about my condition and she was so calm and replied me that perhaps Awesome will be out next week! She even asked me to go out have some ice-cream. =D What?! But I really couldn’t wait to meet my little Awesome. While waiting, my husband and I went out to shopping mall. We had some snacks and walked around the mall. We reached home in the evening and I rested on my bed. The surges were still irregular, I played games, took bath and slept.


16 Mar 2013, Saturday

I woke up in the morning and the surges were still there. I told my husband it’s going to be today. My husband had already prepared the pool. However, we stayed at home all day watching movie. No progress. Around 9pm, I suddenly felt the surges were getting more regular and I took a hot shower. After bath, I changed and went into the pool and felt my body was lighter and all my muscles relaxed. Without realizing it, I had spent 2 hours in the pool with no progress. Then, I felt the surges were getting stronger and the interval was getting shorter. Saturday almost ended, yet Awesome still hasn’t come out.

17 Mar 2013, Sunday

My husband started his labor of filling water into the pool (water temperature has to be at 37.5’C all the time). He told me he had lost 5kg in just 3 days. =D However, no further progress. So my husband asked me to come out of the pool and try other positions (I personally think he did very well as a husband; he knew how to support me when I needed him, thanks! ^^). He was also in charge of playing the Rainbow Relaxation music and taking videos and photos.

I tried leaning on the gym ball, squatting with my husband supporting me, and lying on the side. Finally my instinct told me to go to toilet. I stood up and realized it was around 4am! When I sat on the toilet bowl, I felt so much better so I kept focusing on my breathing and rested. As I wanted to take a pillow from my room, I realized my husband was sleeping. I returned to the toilet and sat on the toilet bowl again and this time I saw the real birth show. The surges changed and I felt like pushing but my husband who was beside me then told me to breathe in and out, to focus on my breath.


After a while, my husband suggested changing position or try to go inside the pool again. I listened to him (I later realized labouring women will just follow any instructions) and went into the pool again. He went inside with me to do some light touch massage and guided me on my breathing. After a while, I felt like lying down, so I came out of the pool again and my husband changed the water to maintain the water temperature. I felt intense surges and water leaking bit by bit. My husband “checked” and claimed that it was only 4cm dilated (later, we realized he did the wrong check – actually what he saw was just the vagina, not cervix!). Anyway, I didn’t care too much but just went with the flow of my body.

We forgot to eat and drink until afternoon 12pm. We went into the pool again and I felt quite tired and no energy. Luckily my family member brought us some energy snacks. I felt much better after having that.

Finally, I found a comfortable position for myself – on all fours, rotating my pelvis. I focused on my breathing and listened to the Relaxation music. I visualized my baby’s birth. I then became more active in my birthing and my husband gave me confidence to do well.

When surges came, I breathed down. My husband was busy cleaning the water. I touched down there; I could feel something like a membrane and I knew it must be Awesome’s head! She was on her way! I was very excited and became more focused on my breathing during every surge.

Suddenly a strong surge came and my Awesome’s head was out! My husband was the first to see her and he was amazed by how she looked like because Awesome’s amniotic sac was still intact! After another 2 to 3 breaths, Awesome’s body came out very smoothly and easily.

I could hear my husband exclaiming at my back. He received our lovely Awesome and passed her to me. The moment I saw my Awesome, it was like a miracle to me. She was so adorable. We called Wai Han right away and she asked me to come out of the water and sit on the toilet bowl. Once I sat down, the placenta just came out naturally without any surge.

I want to thank HypnoBirthing for giving me such an unforgettable experience and let me realize that every woman can birth so beautifully. Last but not least, I want to thank Wai Han for being so supportive all the way and my husband for his unlimited love.


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